Outdoor Equipment

As a former technician and  warranty manager for one of the greatest outdoor equipment companies in the world, American Recreation Products in Boulder, Colorado, I can assure you we can fix it. If you don't know them, they handle  Kelty, Sierra Designs, Slumberjack, Wenzel and Ultimate Directions. 

I have had the opportunity to develop strategies to repair almost every type of damage. Bear, moose and elk attack, dropped off a ledge, TSA assault, fire, beaver, badger and even chipmunk. Damaged jackets, sleeping bags, back packs, and tents can provide a wonderous stream of challenges. Very rarely, did we determine that something could not be repaired.  Patchs, heatseal, broken zippers and pulls, missing buckles and broken straps are all repairable. Did I say zippers? Big zippers, little zippers and all zippers in between.  

Shortly after opening my shop, I purchased a Cobra Class 4 Sewing Machine, This machine enable me sew things that require a very heavy machine, including wall tents, awnings, camp & patio chairs,panniers, livestock and horse tack and upholstery. It is also great for truck bed covers, harvester belting and a bunch of other heavy stuff.  

So, if your favorite article of  outdoor equipment is no longer able to do its job....

First, check the manufacturers website. If it is under warranty, let them take care of you at little or no cost. If the website says it is no longer covered, it doesn't hurt to call and ask anyway. Outdoor equipment people are some of the most dedicated customer service people I know. 

Second, if, for whatever reason, they are not able to help you, it is possible that I can. Call me or email if you want. Let's talk about it. I am going to ask you to empty it out, clean it according to manufacturers directions. Then, if you are nearby, just drop it off with your contact info and instructions. You can use the downloadable repair form if you want.

If you are not within drop off range, go to the Repair Form Section of the website for shipping instructions or email me with pictures and info at troseetc@aol.com. I will let you know what I can do. If it is something I can do,  you can package it up and send it to me.

Together, we can make your trusty equipment useful again.