Clothing and Garments

 Let me take your vision and turn it into beauty. If you can dream it,

I can work from sketches or photos, existing articles of clothing, as well as patterns. Make an appointment today and I'll schedule a time to meet with you. All it takes is a few measurements and some brain storming, and in no time you'll have your very own custom creation. FASHION: Professional Apparel Holiday Costumes  Cosplay That skirt, shirt, pair of pants, scarf, etc. you've had since forever is coming back in style, but the garment is pretty torn up. Lets create some retro style with new materials. No one will ever know!     DECOR: One of a kind baby blankets are SO much better than store bought! You have left over fabric from a special event, such as a wedding or baptism, let's make it into something you can see everyday.  If you have military uniforms, grandpa's shirt, or a collection of T-shirts from a lost loved one, lets create a memory pillow(s) or memory bear(s). Lets make something meaningful you can hug.  If you find fabric you love or that has a story behind it, lets dream up something together! I can also create throw pillows, table runners, placemats, napkins etc, to match your upholstery or drapes. I can create custom bags, scarves and hats. I can take that Zebra rug that Uncle gave you and make it into some pillows for your chair. If you can dream it, we can do it. 

rations include, but are not limited to:

  • Hems, waists, sleeves.
  • Taking in or letting out pants, skirts or jackets
  • Adjusting the fit of formal or professional attire
  • Tailoring 

Adaptation - Modifying existing articles of clothing to accommodate physical or medical limitations or needs. My goal is to make is to make your life a little easier. We can modify clothing to include easy access openings and closures. I can create clothing for those with limited mobility, so dressing and undressing is made much easier since you won't have to raise your arms or even stand up.

  • Pregnancy and Nursing Moms
  • Arthritis (snaps, buttons, zippers, velcro closures, etc.)
  • Openings, pockets, or hiding places for radiation, chemotherapy or dialysis patients. No disrobing necessary!
  • Amputations (Velcro closures in pants and shirts)
  • Mastectomy patients
  • ALS
  • Alzheimers
  • Multiple Sclerosis 
  • Quick access openings for patients with PICC lines, babies too!

Fabrication- Need a dress, skirt, pants or whatever in just the right fabric, right color and right fit for a special occasion? Awesome! Lets sit down together and find your fabric, measure you for fit and find a style that suits you. 
Repairs- Mending anything, replacing zippers, buttons, clasps, and hooks.