Pricing Guide

Free Estimates are available. 

Please email me, facebook message me or text me at 970-388-7164.

Remember that I sew, so I have machines and tools running. I am not always in front of my cell phone or computer so a call is sometimes best.  My email address is The studio phone number is 970-878-7800. My cell phone number is 970-388-7164. Please feel free to send pictures to get an estimate. Sometimes, the scope of work cannot be accurately determined from a picture or even from looking at it. Once I open a project do I will do everything possible to stay as close to the estimate as possible.


I do give a number of scholarships each year for prom dresses and business attire when a client is in need and/or financially struggling.


I will meet with you outside of normal business hours if needed by appointment.  

I am in the studio on Monday and Friday from 8:00 to 5:00, but occasionally have outside appointments.  I am also in the studio from 8:00 to 10:00 and 3:00 to 5:00 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday when I am at Grant Mortuary. Fittings and drop-offs can be done at Grant Mortuary by appointment.


I make an effort to give every single project the same attention. I am the only person working in the shop. However, emergencies do happen. Every effort will be made to bump your work to the front of the que. There may be an added charge.

Fee Schedule

All prices listed are starting prices and are based on typical fabrics, workmanship, embellishments and construction.  Estimates do not include the cost of fabric and materials unless stated.

Structural or extenuating circumstances may arise that increase the cost of work being performed. You will be informed if that occurs prior to the work being completed. 


Bottom Hems Hem outer skirt (satin/taffeta)+1 Lining:  $40

Each additional lining:  $15

Additional outer layer: $15 & up

Chiffon Layer(up to 15 feet around)+2 Linings:  $75

Chiffon Layer +1 Lining:  $60 

Extra full chiffon hem each additional foot around:  $5

Mushroom Hem:  $70

Bustle added: $35.00 per hour.

Shorten shoulder straps:  $20

Add pre-made straps:  $30

Custom made straps from:  $35

Take up Halter strap:  $25

Take up shoulders with embellishment from:  $45

Lace shoulders from:  $55


Bodice  All prices are starting prices and are determined by material,embellishments and how the garment is constructed. 

Take in bodice only with full lining from:  $40

Take in bodice only with only bodice lining from:  $55

Take in bodice with side zipper from:  $65

Take in bodice with halter from:  $55

Take in bodice thru hips from:  $65

Take in bodice thru hips with side zipper from:  $85

Take in back center seams:  $40

Take in dress cups:  from $50  

Remove and replace embellishments to alter gown:  from $40

Add corset back:  from $90

Replace zipper: $25   

Miscellaneous work/other: $25 per hour

All prices are starting prices and are determined by material,embellishments and how the garment is constructed. 

Hem sleeves from bottom:  $20

Hem sleeves lined:  $35

Hem sleeves from shoulder:  $60   


Jackets -Shorten/Lengthen Sleeves: $40.00

Jackets -Shorten/Lengthen Sleeves w/ functioning buttonholes: $80.00

Jackets- Let out or take in Side Seams: $45.00

Jean Hems: $15.00

Slack Hems: (No Cuff) $12.00

Slack Hems: w/cuff $18.00

Pants- taper Leg (Two Seams): $25.00

Pants -Taper Leg (Four Seams) $45.00

Pants- Adjust Waist/Seat: $25:00

Pants-Replace Zipper: $25.00

Pants-Add hem guard: $25.00

Heavy Weight Pants: $20.00

Mending on all of the above $25.00 per hour + materials.


Shirts -Add darts: $15.00

Shirts- Taper sides (Serged): $25.00

Shirts-Taper Sides (French Seam): $45.00

Shorten Shirt Tails: $25.00

Shorten Sleeves: $25.00

Move Collar Button: $5.00


I can repair,insert or replace a zipper in almost anything. tents, sleeping bags, handbags, backpacks, camera bags, chairs, cushions, jackets, dresses, skirts, jeans, pants, and jackets of all kinds. I carry some zippers in stock but occasionally have to order. Every effort is made to replace the zipper with one of similar style, size and color.  Costs may vary based on the work to be done, but my usual charge is material cost plus labor.